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Friday, 3 June 2016

Ph.O.G.O.Fs at Duryard

That is, photo one, get one free, on a visit to Duryard valley park (Belvidere Meadows Local Nature Reserve). This wonderful grassland site is starting to come to life this year.

Cuckooflower plus orange egg of Orange tip butterfly
Early purple orchid plus Common froghopper cuckoo spit
Buttercup plus massed Golden micromoths Micropterix calthella
Some quick research found that moths like these have been found in 125 million year old amber - that is from around the time that flowering plants first evolved. The moths have primitive chewing mouth parts with which they munch pollen, instead of the more sophisticated nectar-sipping equipment of other moths.   

Bugle plus common Carder bumblebee Bombus pascuorum

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